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Are you an investor in/service provider to innovators?
We sponsor/support initiatives that promote innovation.
Innovators face serious risks
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As well as providing commercial and legal services to eligible clients on a standard fee-for-service basis, we are always looking for opportunities to support innovation by investing in promising ventures based on innovation or technology.

We can also help with the capital raising process. 

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The Saljar Group works with innovators.

We help innovators value, protect, manage and commercialise ideas, inventions, technology and IP, and manage the
commercial/legal risks that all innovators face. We prefer to do this on a no-cost/success-share basis if feasible.

We invest in and incubate ideas, inventions, technology and IP, and work with others who do the same.

We provide commercial and legal services to eligible clients (we only work with innovators and high-tech
organisations, and prefer those whose innovation benefits the community).

Our clients range from start-ups through to large research organisations. Our services are top-tier firm quality but,
due to the efficiency of our practices and business model, are significantly less expensive.

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The Cooperative Research Centre for Biomedical Imaging Development
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St Vincent's Hospital
The Brien Holden Vision Institute
Key Options Technology
The Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Global Medical Solutions