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Have you come up with an idea? Are you ready to show it to others or to engage others (such as designers, developers or prototypers) to help you take it to the next stage?

There are some very serious risks involved in doing this. Risks that even most confidentiality agreements or NDAs do not address adequately.

Chances are, your NDA isn’t good enough – we’ll review it for free

In our experience, even most confidentiality agreements (also known as non-disclosure agreements or NDAs), and especially those sourced online, do not adequately address the issue here. Get in touch if you’re not sure, and we can review yours at no cost to you.

Why this is important

If you fail to properly address the issues that our tailored innovators’ information deed seeks to address, you are exposing your venture to serious risks. Risks that could see you lose your IP, or that can see you be limited in what you can do to pursue your venture, or that can severely limit (or destroy) your ability to attract the investment or the partners you need moving forward.
If you’re lucky, the situation may be fixable (but this is usually costly). If you’re not lucky, it could spell the end of your venture.

Our solution

We have developed a document specifically designed for use by innovators who are about to disclose their concept to key potential partners and service providers (such as collaborators, designers, developers, prototypers and manufacturers).
Our specifically developed document (which serves the role of a confidentiality agreement, but with important additional protections) aims to help reduce the risks referred to above.
It comes at a fraction of the cost of seeking to un-do the damage that may otherwise be caused if you proceeded without the protections in this document. And remember, sometimes it may not even be possible to un-do such damage, so getting these issues right from the outset is the best (and cheapest) way to proceed.

Additional guidance

In addition to the document, we’ll provide you with guidance (at no additional cost) about strategies you can adopt to help you secure the important protections you need.

Get in touch

Please email us at or call us on 1300 882 643 to discuss whether our specifically developed innovators’ information deed is right for you or if you’d like us to review your existing NDA for free. We’re happy to discuss all these issues at no cost to you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.